What does PUCA do?

Since the founding of PUCA in June 2011, the following activities were started:

  • Identification of possible configurations and applications of UCA
  • Supervising of research projects done by university students relating to, for example, operating cost of UCA
  • Giving presentations about UCA and their potential and establishing contacts with potentially interested parties
  • Preparing a research proposal for funding by the European Union
  • Setting up an organizational structure to manage research and development activities

The near future

We will shortly start deciding which UCA configurations will be further developed and commence identifying what the demands from potential users are. Also, further funds will be sought to support research and other activities.

An important issue is securing the support of policymakers and the general public; unmanned aircraft are sometimes controversial because of safety concerns for people on the ground. Finally, we need more manpower and resources; developing a new aircraft is an expensive, time-consuming activity for which expertise in many disciplines is required. That’s where you come in.

And that’s why we hope this information leaflet makes you want to know more about PUCA and the way you and your organization might contribute.

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