This page is about the the Platform Unmanned Cargo and its history.

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Pierter Hermans

Pieter Hermans

  • Chairman 2021 –
  • External contact person


The backoffice of the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft is managed by Jakajima.

Esther Wendrich covers the following services;

  • Operational support for Working Groups
  • Operational support for meetings
  • Event Manager
  • Member Administration

Carin van Rensen covers the following services;

  • Community / Communication
  • Content Website
  • Social media
  • Newsletter
  • Press releases
  • Administration

If you have news about your company please send this to Esther.

We use the following mail setting firstname [at] platformuca.org


Since the founding of Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft in June 2011 by Hans Heerkens, the initial Chairman, the following activities were started:

  • Identification of possible configurations and applications of UCA
  • Supervising of research projects done by university students relating to, for example, operating cost of UCA
  • Giving presentations about UCA and their potential and establishing contacts with potentially interested parties
  • Preparing a research proposal for funding by the European Union
  • Setting up an organizational structure to manage research and development activities

Below you can find the initial Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft presentation

Over the years many activities have been undertaken, including the partnership with the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference.

hans heerkens

Hans Heerkens

  • Initiator of the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft
  • Chairman 2011- 2020

Dennis Prak

  • Chairman 2020- 2021