Box drop with the DLR/Wings for Aid Cargo Drone (Video)

Box drop with the DLR/Wings for Aid Cargo Drone

Watch a delivery test in Bajo Yuna (Dominican Republic). This area faces periodic flooding, which causes severe ‘last mile’ problems.

All part of the innovation project we run with the World Food Programme. Thanks to Rhenus Logistics Nederland for sponsoring logistics.

About Wings for Aid
Helping humanitarian aid organisations bridge the last mile
Traditional means of transport in the humanitarian aid chain are often inadequate when it comes to the last part of the route. Wings For Aid wants to bridge that ‘last mile’ by the use of an innovative unmanned cargo aircraft. The system can be used for disaster relief, but also for the scheduled delivery of medicines in remote areas. Thus, we give ‘wings’ to aid and get it to people in need.

A Public-Private Partnership
It’s not an easy task but worthwhile to pursue – and we have the partnerships to get this off the ground. Technologically, we have ESA incubates AvioniCS and Selfly on board. VanBerlo takes care of industrial design. i+solutions knows about the troubled last mile in medicine distribution. To check-and-balance, we work with the technical universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente and practitioners from the Red Cross movement alike.

Source: Linkedin