US Army wants to equip units with ‘delivery drones’ by FY-26

US Army wants to equip units with ‘delivery drones’ by FY-26. The Army wants information from industry on an autonomous unmanned aircraft system that can perform aerial resupply to infantry brigade combat teams, with the first unit equipped by fiscal year 2026, according to a notice posted today.

The service and the Marine Corps started looking at the Joint Tactical Autonomous Aerial Resupply System effort in 2018 and initially wanted the first unit equipped by FY-24.
A request for information, initially posted last month, says the two services are specifically focusing on Unmanned Logistics Systems-Air Medium, a Defense Department UAS Group 3 or lower vertical-takeoff-and-landing system with beyond-line-of-sight command and control that can operate in a variety of environmental conditions.

The UAV should “be capable of automated functionality including launch, flight, navigation (including GPS-denied), cargo drop, landing and return to original launch location,” according to the notice. “It requires autonomous ability to detect and avoid obstacles, evaluate and negotiate landing sites and optimize its route to achieve resupply and retrograde objectives.” Read more


Image: pixabay