Dorado drones – next “UBER” on blockchain for on-demand deliveries (Video)

Dorado drones – next “UBER” on blockchain for on-demand deliveries

The next-generation on-demand delivery company Dorado, has revealed that it plans to raise $69M via its ICO. Dorado has already ‘pre-heated the oven” by raising $4M from institutional investors, including the ICO-focused Goldfish Fund, and it plans to offer the remaining allocation to the general public. There’s likely to be a huge amount of interest given how mature Dorado is in comparison to the majority of companies that hold ICO’s. Dorado, a fork of Foodout, which is based in Europe, was founded in 2014 and is already a leader in 6 countries, delivering 4 million orders, to 1 million active users, with +50M in sales.

As the pace of global urbanization intensifies, and with it the speed of daily life, the $215 billion on-demand delivery industry is set to boom. The market expansion has reached a 25% annual growth rate and slowdown is nowhere in sight.

One well-established platform – Dorado – has been fast to take advantage of this huge potential and is ready to shake the sector from its foundations up. The Dorado was initiated to continue the successful expansion of its root company – Foodout Group. The company’s vision is to deliver whatever product the customer wants in less than 1 hour, which is why the company has rebranded from “Foodout” to “Dorado”. In only 3 years Foodout has managed to emerge as a leading takeaway and home delivery enterprise which now covers 6 countries with over 1 million active clients. If these numbers weren’t convincing enough, their growth according to financial data, has exceeded 6227% with +$50M in revenues.

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