Dubai-based start-up Eniverse to deliver region’s first autonomous drone delivery service

Dubai-based startup development firm Eniverse has unveiled the DoorBox, a fully automated receiving box that will be placed receive deliveries from drones.

In November, Eniverse announced that it had teamed up with Fetchr and San Francisco-based drone delivery firm Skycart to deliver the first autonomous drone delivery service in the region.

At LogiSYM, a supply chain and logistics industry summit in Dubai, Eniverse representatives will showcase the DoorBox, which will be connected to a recipient’s mobile and allow delivery operators and courier services to unlock the box as soon as the drone as it arrives.

According to the company, Eniverse is currently waiting on approval from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) to the first proof-of-concept of its drone delivery service in Dubai.

Upon approval, the company plans to collaborate with Fetchr and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority to make the system operational. Read more