Federal Aviation Administration approves 10 new drone projects

Federal Aviation Administration approves 10 new drone projects

The Federal Aviation Administration, after soliciting proposals for drone testing, has approved 10 of them. These tests should start to help the agency lay the framework for how and where the technology will be used.

On this episode of Industry Focus: Energy & Industrials, host Sarah Priestley is joined by Motley Fool contributor Daniel Kline to talk about a few of the drone projects that have been approved for testing. These include a test in bad weather in Alaska, two that involve delivery, and another that tests the precision agriculture application.

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Sarah Priestley: The FAA has given the go-ahead to ten proposals from local state and tribal governments, which they then partner with private sector participants to safely explore further exploration around how drones will operate, as we’ve talked about. Apparently, they were inundated with projects.

Kline: This is an absolute hand-holding process, and you have to understand why. If I’m going to test a drone in a remote field, that’s one thing. If I’m going to test a drone in a busy FedEx warehouse, and some pilot error or something goes wrong, these aren’t small. Let’s pretend it’s a 54-pound drone. You could cut someone’s head off with that. Having been around these things, they’re not toys — I mean, some of them are toys, but these aren’t.

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