Pilot-less airliners are set to take flight in the next two decades (Video)

Pilot-less airliners are set to take flight in the next two decades. Eric Fanning, Aerospace Industries Association CEO, on the growth in the large drone industry: “In 20 years, we expect to be $30 billion a year and 60,000 new jobs.”

In the not-too-distant future, large unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—those flying above 400 feet and weighing more than 55 pounds—will begin populating the skies: transporting cargo, fighting fires, delivering WiFi and even flying people around the world. Think Bigger: Large Unmanned Systems and the Next Major Shift in Aviation is the first look at the large UAS market in the United States, and highlights a potential $30 billion annual market and more than 60,000 jobs in support of the industry.

Large UAS market potential

The impact of large UAS on Americans and our economy will impact us in many ways they see, and many other ways they don’t. Sooner than many people think, a significant portion of American commercial travel will be via autonomous aircraft. Long-haul cargo will drastically change, with new economic centers rising in places in our country where they don’t exist today. Airports and other intermodal transportation centers will need to be designed and redesigned to meet vastly different needs and experiences. Read more

Source: aia-aerospace.org and Varney & Co