Potential for future delivery projects with Indigenous communities in Canada

Recent drone delivery projects in two First Nations communities in Ontario have been able to lift the spirits of the local populations.

Bringing in PPE, food, medicine, and other basic and medical supplies, new initiatives in Georgina Island First Nation and Beausoleil First Nation have taken off with the first COVID-19 pandemic-related drone deliveries in Canada.

“I mostly see the interaction with the people on the ground, and they’re just awed and amazed and happy,” said Jacob Taylor, a member of Curve Lake First Nation and founder of the Pontiac Group, a key player in the two projects.

“It generates a good energy and excitement on the ground,” Taylor said.

While the Georgina and Beausoleil delivery projects have been successful so far, they’re really just the tip of the iceberg for what is a rapidly expanding industry within Canada and worldwide. Read more

Source: www.wingsmagazine.com