Droneport Solutions is new member of Platform UCA

Droneport Solutions specialises in the delivery of turnkey droneports globally. What does this mean? You tell us where you need to be, how long you want to be there, how many people you want to cater for and your requirements for droneport operations and we take care of the rest.

You will not have to figure out how to dispose of sewerage, distribute power, water filtration, catering for your droneport, sleeping arrangements, satellite communication, operational droneport management, temporary foundations, temporary roads, low environmental impact working platforms, storage, laundry and more. Droneport Solutions controls the entire process.

So what is the working relationship between these Products (Droneports, Drone Testing Sites, Drone in-flight Monitoring & Surveillance)?

The concept of “Droneport” has been introduced into the Aviation community by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to urgently address shortfalls in the infrastructure of emerging economies.

Drones are capable of delivering cargo and urgent medical supplies quickly and cheaply on continents lacking adequate road and railway systems. Not only can they service remote areas, but drones have the capacity of facilitating the needs and requirements of developed countries as well.

As an alternative to the conventional Airports which have been developed on a global scale, and which modern man in the 20th century has naturally implemented into their daily lifestyle, the introduction of drones and their versatility have introduced a concept that is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

No more is the average person in the street just using their Drone as a `flying for fun` commodity, instead they are sitting up and taking note of where they can meet the shortcomings of the working society.

Droneports in essence can be viewed as a `mini Airport which for now is focused primarily on the transportation of goods and supplies via a system that is cost affordable and efficient. In order to develop a Droneport, just as the case would be with the development of any Airport, there are certain testing requirements which need to be taken into account to achieve the optimum in operational performance.

This includes not only the type of drones being utilised to service the requirement of the industry, but the weather conditions and geographical location of the intended site where it will be located.

Take for example the unpredictability of crosswinds which can have a catastrophic effect on the final approach and landing procedure of any aircraft. In the case of an unmanned (remotely piloted aircraft) the primary objective as is the case of any aircraft is the capacity to accurately land under adverse weather conditions.

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