Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft welcomes Reliefbase as new member

Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft welcomes Reliefbase as new member

About Reliefbase Foundation
Reliefbase Foundation is a Joint Innovation Initiative where public and private partners, together with knowledge institutes, community organizations and (international) NGOs, work together to test and validate new concepts, prototype products, instruments, systems and materials for innovations that can be used in the context of disasters, emergency response and relief operations, or in the day-to-day lives of people, in particular in relation to: (a) Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene; (b) Disaster preparedness and emergency response (DRR & DRM); and (c) Drones and Unmanned Cargo Aircraft.

The focus of Reliefbase will be on the research and innovations, that can:

  • improve living conditions in formal camps, informal settlements, slums and host communities;
  • contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of relief operations;
  • contribute to disaster preparedness, crisis management and emergency response;
  • contribute to resilience before, during & after disasters.

About Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft
The Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft was founded by the University of Twente (Netherlands) in 2011.

The aim of PUCA is to stimulate development of unmanned cargo aircraft.

Members are manufacturers, academic institutions and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Kenya, USA and other countries. For a complete overview of the member list, we invite you to visit