American company HorseFly Truck launches Drone Package Delivery System

American company HorseFly Truck launches Drone Package Delivery System Workhorse Group Inc., an American technology company focused on providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the commercial electric transportation sector, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent, number 9,915,956, for the HorseFly Truck Launched Drone Package Delivery System…. [read more]

Norway launches drone cargo project

Four Norwegian technology companies are collaborating to use unmanned helicopters to carry cargo between offshore vessels and offshore installations. The weather is a big challenge when cargo is going to be lifted with a crane between offshore vessels, rigs and other installations. The operations depend on wind, visibility, waves etc. Weather conditions at sea often… [read more]

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference 2018 held in Kinston, North Carolina (Video)

The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference is underway at the Global Transpark in Kinston this week. This is the first time the international conference has been held in the U.S.Researchers and companies from all over the world were in attendance to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry. As technology evolves jobs and opportunities… [read more]