Drones in the Transport System: Acceptability and Integration

transport system

A report published by the International Transport Forum. This report presents policy options for the successful integration of drones into the transport system. How can countries reap the benefits of drone transport while limiting risks? The report examines concerns about the acceptability, efficiency and sustainability of drone transport.

The analysis covers passenger and freight drones with different payloads and ranges, and also addresses other drone uses that support the transport sector.

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BOOSTLOG, boosting the impact of EU funded research in the field of freight transport and logistics


The BOOSTLOG project, commencing in 2021, is a 3 year project funded by the EU through HORIZON 2020, aiming to boost the impact generated from EU funded R&I projects to contribute to EU policy objectives, address societal challenges and increase EU’s competitiveness.

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AMU-LED programme tests future of urban air mobility


Air taxis, cargo delivery drones or unmanned systems for emergencies is an ever-approaching reality. Urban air mobility (UAM) will help us create more sustainable and smarter cities. This new reality being on the horizon, has led to AMU-LED which is an H2020 project of the European Union whose main purpose is to demonstrate the safe integration of different types of drone operations in our city´s skies.

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DRONAMICS Announces International drone delivery network


The DRONAMICS European Droneport Network is the world’s first cargo droneport network and includes private airports and airport groups operating more than 35 airports in 11 European countries, connecting 300 million people with a low-cost same-day cargo service. DRONAMICS will operate same-day flights within the network using its proprietary DRONAMICS “Black Swan” large cargo drones, each with a capacity of 350 kg and range of up to 2,500 km, reducing time, cost and emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional air cargo.

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Drone delivery could lead to robots in the sky

drone delivery

As the pandemic makes us more dependent on deliveries, drone makers and real estate developers are finding ways to get people their goods – changes they hope will have lasting effects

The drone rises quickly off the launch pad, hovers briefly and then whines out over the waters of Lake Simcoe on a mission to deliver masks and hand sanitizer to a First Nations community, and maybe inspire its youth in a new direction.

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