DRONAMICS Announces International drone delivery network


The DRONAMICS European Droneport Network is the world’s first cargo droneport network and includes private airports and airport groups operating more than 35 airports in 11 European countries, connecting 300 million people with a low-cost same-day cargo service. DRONAMICS will operate same-day flights within the network using its proprietary DRONAMICS “Black Swan” large cargo drones, each with a capacity of 350 kg and range of up to 2,500 km, reducing time, cost and emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional air cargo.

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Drone delivery could lead to robots in the sky

drone delivery

As the pandemic makes us more dependent on deliveries, drone makers and real estate developers are finding ways to get people their goods – changes they hope will have lasting effects

The drone rises quickly off the launch pad, hovers briefly and then whines out over the waters of Lake Simcoe on a mission to deliver masks and hand sanitizer to a First Nations community, and maybe inspire its youth in a new direction.

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Potential for future delivery projects with Indigenous communities in Canada

delivery projects

Recent drone delivery projects in two First Nations communities in Ontario have been able to lift the spirits of the local populations.

Bringing in PPE, food, medicine, and other basic and medical supplies, new initiatives in Georgina Island First Nation and Beausoleil First Nation have taken off with the first COVID-19 pandemic-related drone deliveries in Canada.

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Amazon’s Drone Delivery Fleet receives FAA Clearance

Amazon drone

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Fleet receives FAA Clearance

Retail behemoth Amazon.com Inc. took a big leap toward delivering goods from the sky by becoming one of only a handful of companies certified by the U.S. government to operate as a drone airline.

The Federal Aviation Administration designated Amazon Prime Air an “air carrier,” the company said Monday. That allows Amazon to begin its first commercial deliveries in the U.S. under a trial program, using the high-tech devices it unveiled for that purpose last year.

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European Space Agency launches call for proposal for Smart Supply Chain


Opportunity for Platform UCA Members.

Supply chains can be complex and often involve the management of a vast range of activities. Automatizing operations, ensuring the safe and secure transport of goods, and adopting environmentally friendly processes are becoming increasingly important in supply chain management, while new technologies like delivery drones, autonomous ground robots, and connected machinery offer exciting new ways for supply chains to be optimised.

Nevertheless, some sectors still face significant challenges: short shipping times demanded by customers put huge pressure on retailers to solve the last mile problem, getting fresh and perishable goods rapidly into stores remains a key target to maximise shelf life and reduce waste, and consumers are demanding transparency about product sources. Natural disasters and political instability can significantly disrupt the sourcing and transportation of goods, while other regions face challenges because they are remote, lack infrastructure, or are missing important data.

The aim of this kick-start opportunity is to investigate new services, which use space assets to enhance supply chain management.


Supply chains are integral to many different sectors and there is huge potential for a variety of different applications. Some relevant topics are listed below, with examples of potential applications.

  • Smart shipping (Development of unmanned ground, airborne or maritime/fluvial cargo delivery in urban and remote areas).
  • Green shipping
  • Safe shipping
  • Humanitarian shipping

The call opens on 15 April 2020 and closes on 27 May 2020.

For more information go to the ESA webpage, or download the leaflet here.

Platform member Wings for Aid wins TIACA’s sustainability award

wings for aid

Wings for Aid Foundation has won the first edition of the TIACA Sustainability Award, sponsored by CHAMP Cargosystems. Winner Wings for Aid Foundation came up with a self-landing cardboard delivery box to bridge the last mile to people in need as a result of humanitarian crises. The winner was announced during the Gala Evening of the TIACA Executive Summit 2019 in Budapest and received a funding of US$15,000.

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DLR Symposium on Automated Low-Altitude Air Delivery

Popular projects of Amazon, DHL, UPS, Boeing and recently formed knowledge centers in the context of unmanned cargo aircraft show the increasing interest in unmanned airborne transportation. Moving forward with new concepts, DLR (German Aerospace Center) has conducted a four year research project between 2016 and 2019 on cargo drones with up to a one metric ton payload capacity. This project took advantage of a newly established operational risk approach introducing a new perspective on regulating the safety of unmanned aviation.

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