Amazon completes first drone delivery, reveals plans for flying drone hub

Amazon completes first drone delivery, reveals plans for flying drone hub always seems to be ahead of the curve, but in recent weeks the company has made a tidal wave of advances showing off the strides it’s made.

  • In December, it unveiled the first Amazon Go location, a convenience store without cashiers or checkout lines where cameras and artificial intelligence recognize what you take off the shelves and charge your account accordingly.
  • Also last month, the company successfully made its first ever drone delivery, carrying popcorn and a Fire TV device to a customer in rural England, a trip from click to delivery that took just 13 minutes.
  • Last week, reports emerged than Amazon was planning to launch its own private label athleisure line, challenging Lululemon athletica and other such clothing makers as it takes further steps into the apparel industry. 
  • Amazon gained a patent for something resembling an airborne warehouse that would serve as a docking station for drones. The warehouse, envisioned as something like a blimp, would be able to move near events such as sports games, where it could make drone deliveries to fans.

Of all of Amazon’s innovations, the airborne warehouse and the system of drones to go with it seems to be the most fantastical. The tech giant envisions the blimp hovering at an altitude of 45,000 feet, from which the drones could make deliveries of game-related merchandise or food. Amazon has filed hundreds of patents in its history, and just because it’s patented such an airborne fulfillment center doesn’t mean it will become reality. However, Amazon is committed to making drone delivery a core component of its business.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on 60 Minutes in December of 2013 to show off his company’s Prime Air program, or what it calls drone delivery. Though it took more than three years since then for the first delivery to happen, the company has taken significant steps toward a future based on drones.

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