Integra Aerial Services Joins the Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA)

Integra Aerial Services (INAS) has joined the Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA), a European working group set up in 2011 with the aim of facilitating the definition of requirements for, and the development of, the next generation of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, and letting its members play a meaningful and profitable role in this development.

About Integra Aerial Services (INAS)

Integra Aerial Services (INAS) is a Danish company created in 2014 as part of the Integra Group, providing worldwide aviation consultancy since 1988.

INAS is a drone operator developing and offering innovative and adapted solutions for clients, based on the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), making best use of this technology to deliver specific, low risk, and cost effective data solutions to customers.

INAS operates its own systems in order to collect on the field any type of data via various types of on-the-shelves or specifically designed sensors.

What do we do?

INAS can also offer a large palette of additional services depending on clients needs, i.e. supporting the preparation of calls for tenders, development of safety assessments and operator manuals, computation, interpretation, storage and distribution of the mega data collected.

INAS can also offers a full-package service in order for customers to avoid capital expense and operating risks of establishing their own UAS programs and purchasing UAS support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles.

INAS preferred playfield is essentially in Greenland. INAS is also operating the drone component of Villum Research Station, North Greenland.

INAS also establishes specific agreements with manufacturers producing relevant and innovative components, in order to ensure its priority access to the best technologies and ensure the possibility to adapt and fit-size these on-the-shelf products to our clients’ requirements.

INAS is also looking for partnership with companies in order to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions for new customers based on unmanned system, with the intention to turn them into business generating revenues at short and medium term. This is in particular covering areas as freight transport, disaster response, humanitarian operations, etc.