Konelek Joins the Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA)

Konelek has become a member of PUCA – Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, a European working group set up in 2011 with the aim of facilitating the definition of requirements for, and the development of, the next generation of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, and letting its members play a meaningful and profitable role in this development.

PUCA brings together all stakeholders and interested parties  to create the environment, competencies and expertise necessary to promote the development of future Unmanned Cargo Aircraft. It has more than 50 members, mainly European, representing all potential stakeholders, namely Industry, End Users (forwarders), Government agencies, Universities and Research Centers, and Consulting firms.

Konelek is privately owned engineering company specialized in providing engineering design and manufactured products in aerospace.

Engineering Design
Our core skills include engineering design of aerospace structures and systems and aerospace tooling. Our teams of engineers work in partnership with clients to undertake work packages either in our own offices or on client’s premises. Providing comprehensive support throughout the design, development, and manufacturing cycles.

Manufactured Products
We are specialized in manufacturing ground support equipment for civil, regional, business aircraft and jet engines and manufacturing tooling for aircraft production. We work both as build-to-print supplier and design-and-build supplier for tooling and GSE.

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