PUCA officially appointed as a member of the Informal Drone Experts Group (IDEG) by the European Commission

On 06 October 2021, Mr Henrik HOLOLEI, Director-General for Mobility and Transport, has officially appointed the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA) as a full member of the Informal Drone Experts Group (IDEG), having considered the relevance of PUCA’s objectives and its demonstrated level of expertise. This appointment is not limited in time.

The Informal Drone Experts Group was established in 2017 by the European Commission to assist the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) in:

  • preparing all delegated acts and acting as a sounding board for the conception and implementation of the EU drone policy;
  • advising and assisting with the implementation of actions fostering and accelerating drone integration in the aviation system and the emergence of a suitable operational environment and infrastructure for drones flying at low altitude, including over urban areas;
  • building upon the operational infrastructure and services to foster the development of a drone services market and a robust, dynamic and innovation-oriented supporting framework;
  • drawing on best practices and lessons learned in other regions and/or in different industrial and service sectors that can be instrumental for the purposes referred to herein.

Mr Gilles Fartek, chairman of our Working Group 1 related to the integration of UCA in the existing and new logistic infrastructures, new business models and improvement of sustainability in transport, shall represent PUCA in the Informal Drone experts Group.

The Group shall meet at least twice a year, with the next one planned for 08 November 2021. Furthermore, PUCA will inform all its members regarding the work conducted and the actions engaged in voicing the interest of all sectors of our emerging segment in the future European Union related activities.