ANRA shows airspace management and drone delivery software platforms.

ANRA Technologies flew drone delivery demonstrations at Florida Department of Transportation and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise SunTrax facility for SASHTO 2021, showcasing their airspace management and drone delivery software platforms. 

SASHTO is the Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. The Association was organized to encourage a balanced transportation system across the southern United States.

ANRA flew its vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone which is capable of carrying a 3-pound payload for long distances and in excess of 90-minutes. The drone was connected to the delivery and airspace management software to demonstrate the entire ecosystem: Drone + Delivery/Order App + Airspace Management.

ANRA’s delivery software provides a network that enables drone deliveries by managing orders, inventory, and provisioning products – then safely operates the drone within their UTM network. The delivery software incorporates its airspace management technology to enable safe flight routing for the drone while providing tracking and status updates to the customer on their mobile app. ANRA’s solution connects all the necessary stakeholders by providing vital information and data exchanges for compliant and efficient delivery operations.

For the SASHTO event, ANRA’s delivery software demonstrated how a First Responder (customer) can order an epipen from the State Emergency Response Team (vendor) for drone delivery over inaccessible roads that were flooded by a hurricane. This scenario was flown several times during the event for attendees, with the delivery/order app flow and airspace management details projected onto a large screen while the drone flew the live mission, allowing the attendees to view the entire process and workflow.

ANRA offers the option to insert your own drone hardware into a delivery network that includes technology to help develop a safety case to receive permission to fly BVLOS operations. All stakeholders in the supply chain have appropriate levels of access and credentials to view, control, and manage their respective task along the network and to have situational awareness on inventory, package health status, and order progress.