UK ‘should be leading’ on integrating new drone technologies

drone technologies

UK ‘should be leading’ on integrating new drone technologies. The issues of UAVs and airspace management were debated at Cranfield University’s Technology Conference Visions of an Autonomous Future on 16 September 2016 part of its celebrations of 70 years since the foundation of the College of Aeronautics.

Our air traffic control systems run on the basis of principles which are now 60 years old. It’s no surprise then that the appearance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in our air space is seen as a serious and unmanageable threat to safety. UAVs straying into fligh tpaths are reported as major incidents, Japanese airports have started to use anti-UAV nets, a US technology firm is selling a ‘drone death-ray’. Continue reading “UK ‘should be leading’ on integrating new drone technologies”