Help PUCA member with this survey.

Mark Patrick Collins is a Ph.D student at Capitol Technology University and Associate Professor Unmanned Systems from Indiana State University. and is member of PUCA.

He is conducting a survey for his dissertation and would like your input.  The aim of his research is to investigate the requirements for large unmanned cargo aircraft (LUCA) operations and to evaluate the anticipated needs of the FAA to support the integration of LUCA airline flights in the National Airspace Systems (NAS).  This survey should not take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

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Drones in the Transport System: Acceptability and Integration

transport system

A report published by the International Transport Forum. This report presents policy options for the successful integration of drones into the transport system. How can countries reap the benefits of drone transport while limiting risks? The report examines concerns about the acceptability, efficiency and sustainability of drone transport.

The analysis covers passenger and freight drones with different payloads and ranges, and also addresses other drone uses that support the transport sector.

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