ENTRANCE – European Matchmaking Platform for Innovative Transport and Mobility Tools and Services

Are your innovations or investments contributing to the uptake of Europe’s innovative transport and mobility solutions? Or are you a buyer searching for innovative solutions for sustainable transport and mobility?

The ENTRANCE Matchmaking Platform is now available to register for participants offering or searching for “first of a kind” sustainable transport solutions!

Why register for the ENTRANCE platform?

Creating an account on ENTRANCE is free and is the best way to benefit from ENTRANCE project resources and its community of transport and mobility leaders and innovators.

By creating an account, you will join our community of stakeholders who are accelerating “first of a kind” sustainable transport solutions.

Users who create an account and who are logged have the following benefits and advantages:

  • Gain access to a personalised user dashboard to share and receive information and relevant matches related to innovative transport and mobility solutions and stakeholders
  • Connect directly with and contact other transport and mobility leaders from all areas of the ‘supply-demand-finance’ triangle
  • Receive personalised notifications and matches for information and contacts most relevant to you as related to your expressed interests in sustainable transport solution deployment and uptake
  • Create a page for and promote your organisation directly to our community
  • Access exclusive resources including information on best practices, relevant legislations, and collaboration documents and templates
  • Coordinate with other buyers to jointly procure innovative transport and mobility solutions and find the best suppliers to meet your demand
  • Share information and assets with fellow community members

and more!

Register for the ENTRANCE Matchmaking Platform – click here!