Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference 2018 held in Kinston, North Carolina (Video)

The Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference is underway at the Global Transpark in Kinston this week.

This is the first time the international conference has been held in the U.S.Researchers and companies from all over the world were in attendance to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry. As technology evolves jobs and opportunities are opening up every day especially in our state. The unmanned cargo aircraft is a relatively new phenomenon. During Tuesday’s conference, manufacturers, operators and consultants are gathering to exchange ideas about moving this idea and industry further.

This technology means more efficient cargo delivery as well as economic opportunities in hard to reach areas. Executive Director of the Global Transpark Allen Thomas said this is especially important for eastern North Carolina with a platform in places like the military. “Just large scale logistics for manufacturing even automotive and aerospace and other industries where they need to quickly move product around the world. This is what it’s all about, how to do that quickly and efficiently,” said Allen Thomas.

Source: wnct.com

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