Future-facing transport: Single-engine drone that can haul 1,100 pounds and looks like a giant bug

If Jeff Bezos wants to move beyond Prime Air’s five pound limit, he might want to call Urban Aeronautics and check out its Humvee-sized drone.

The Israeli company, which specializes in vertical take-off and landing vehicles for “complex urban and natural environments,” just tested the AirMule. It’s a single-engine unmanned craft that can haul as much as 1,100 pounds of stuff as far as 30 miles. It appears to work, too. The AirMule made its first autonomous, untethered flight of 130 feet at Megiddo airfield in northern Israel on December 30. The flight lasted 2.5 minutes—a modest beginning to be sure, but don’t be deceived. This thing is serious, with a claimed ceiling of 18,000 feet and the ability to cruise at more than 110 mph.

Like a lot of future-facing transport, the Mule looks like a giant bug. Read more

Source: wired.com