“Internet of Drones”: the future of air traffic control system

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things – the generic name given to all the various networked sensors, machines, devices and even buildings in the world – but most of those “things” stay in one place for the most part. The world is primed for an explosion of autonomous ambulatory devices, which led a team of engineers from the University of Waterloo in Canada to draft a conceptual framework for an “Internet of Drones.”

The authors of a paper on the concept (linked at the bottom of the page) lay out what is essentially a structure for how drone traffic could be managed. It combines elements of the current air traffic control system, cellular networks and the internet.

The paper proposes terminology for key components of the system, with airspace divided up into “zones,” each managed by a “zone service provider” (ZSP) that operates their own section of airspace. Read more

Source: gizmag.com