Matternet Cargo Drones Are Currently Used to Deliver Life-Saving Drugs in Malawi

On the final day of the World Cargo Symposium, the future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the industry was a hot topic, especially following a morning presentation by Matternet, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of drones that are currently being uded to deliver life-saving drugs to remote field clinics in Malawi.

In the “Matternet in Africa” presentation, Oliver Evans, formerly the chief cargo officer with SwissWorld Cargo and now the head of global business development for Matternet, discussed how test flights in Malawi have been able to cut the delivery time of blood samples from HIV victims to the nearest hospital from days to just hours or minutes. The Matternet UAV, which Evans showed to the WCS audience, is able to carry a one- kilometer payload in about 15 minutes each way in Malawi, compared to 18 days previously.Read more