Working Groups

Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft has started several working groups, for which we are looking for members and chairmen.

WG 1 : Integration in existing and new logistics infrastructure (from test flights to real implementation), new business models (incl. finance and venture capital) and improving sustainability in transport.
Chairman: Gilles Fartek

WG 2: Development and Deployment of Cargo Drones (technology oriented and promoting collaboration in the value chain)
Chairman: To be announced

WG 3: Publishing data on the market, players, payload capacities, development maturity of platforms, forecasts, investments, M&A and more
Chairman: Pieter Hermans

Pierter Hermans

WG 4: Regulation and Certification
Chairman: To be announced

WG 5: Market education about the benefits, use cases and deployments of UCA.
Chairman: To be announced

The platform will support each working group with administrative and operational support. Each group will have (virtual) meetings on a regular basis.

If you are interested to participate in one or more working groups as group member or as chairman, please contact us with this link. Please bear in mind that participation in a working group is for PUCA members only.

We are striving to work with external industry organisations as well. We use our conference as a meeting point for starting new collaborations.

Over the years Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft members have published reports and / or factsheets, both in English and in Dutch. You can make a selection below.

English Factsheets

PUCA has published several factsheets in English.

Please select the papers by clicking on the links below:

Nederlandstalige onderzoeken (Dutch only)

Inmiddels zijn enkele onderzoek projecten (Nederlandstalig) uitgevoerd. Deze kunt u hier selecteren.