The Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA)

Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA) is an open, non-profit association of members which aims to support the development and deployment of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, while driving a consistent, focused and concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases and deployments of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) from first mile to middle mile and last mile and with small to large cargo implementations.

The Platform members comprise an eco-system covering all aspects of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft market from logistics, aviation and drones industry, systems integration, system suppliers, IT services, infrastructure to venture capital, research and regulation.

PUCA has five focus areas. For each area a working group will be set up and will meet regurlarly:

  • Integration in existing and new logistics infrastructure (from test flights to real implementation), new business models (incl. finance and venture capital) and improving sustainability in transport
  • Development and Deployment of Cargo Drones (technology oriented and promote collaboration in the value chain)
  • Publishing data on the market, players, payload capacities, development maturity of platforms, forecasts, investments, M&A and more (for members)
  • Regulation and Certification
  • Market education about the benefits, use cases and deployments of UCA.

PUCA has great ambitions and in order to achieve this, PUCA:

  1. Encourages its members to take part in the enhancement of UCA through active participation / collaboration in projects, research and regulation bodies
  2. Stimulates European and International cooperation in projects
  3. Transfers Know-how and technological skills in the sector unmanned cargo through the cooperation with research institutions and universities
  4. Initiates working groups for the above mentioned focus areas which have the purpose for members to regularly meet, discuss and exchange information on a specific topic, administered by the PUCA organisation, chaired by one of the members.
  5. Facilitates exchange of information, knowledge and interaction among end users, companies, scientists, researchers, regulation, certification and in the political sphere.
  6. Stimulates and inspires the cargo industry to innovate and to utilize the full potential of UCA.
  7. Organises regular member meetings / meet-ups
  8. Sends monthly newsletters with updates about the market, its members, the platform and related UCA news Lobbies towards regulation and certification organisation
  9. Participates in major aerospace / logistic events under the umbrella of PUCA (with special discounts for members)
  10. Campaigns for the UCA in the best possible way with the funds that are available


Find out more about membership of the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft here.